Housing construction

SOLID BUILD GROUP is a construction company, specialized in the implementation of all construction and installation activities, which takes care of managing the whole process, including the full cycle of construction – excavation, rough construction and finishing works.
The company has its own material base, which includes light and heavy machinery, inventory formwork, skeletons and vehicles. The company has its own rebar yard and offers formwork blanks, which include the design and assembly of formwork forms on an individual basis.
The main goal of SOLID BULD GROUP is to offer high quality services, fast and flexible execution and competitive prices in the market.

Industrial construction

SOLID BUILD GROUP also works on the following activities:

  • the construction and repair of hydrotechnical facilities
  • the construction and repair of industrial facilities: production bases, factories, factory, warehouse and logistics bases
  • production of metal structures, proposals for reconstructions and any repair works
  • cargo – unloading works
  • clearing and preparing the terrain
  • foundation laying etc.

We carry out the construction of this type of building as with metal, as well as with reinforced concrete construction - according to the customer's choice. Among the many advantages of metal structures is easy and quick assembly and disassembly, as well as their reconstruction.

Infrastructure construction

SOLID BUILD GROUP implements projects in the field of infrastructure construction, has implemented dozens of objects, related to construction, the reconstruction and rehabilitation of roads and facilities, strengthening, corrections of riverbeds, landscaping, building communications. We have asphalt laying units, equipped with modern and high-tech machines, as well as equipment for all necessary rehabilitation and road infrastructure construction activities.
We offer:

  • design and construction of streets, sidewalks, parking lots, interblock spaces (innovative method of laying paving surfaces)
  • repair and maintenance of road surfaces
  • vertical and horizontal signaling
  • road markings and road safety equipment / road signs and safety equipment and accessories; emergency recovery actions /
  • seasonal maintenance of existing road infrastructure and its adjacent elements – winter cleaning and summer service
  • construction and repair of water and sewage systems, rain collectors and domestic sewers
  • innovative solutions for maintenance and cleaning of open areas (removal of woody and shrubby vegetation)