About Solid Build Group

About us

SOLID BUILD GROUP is a construction company, which covers a wide range of services, construction related, maintenance and renovation of buildings, facilities and engineering infrastructure in the field of housing, road and industrial construction.

With a significant number of completed projects behind him, SOLID BUILD GROUP has proven experience in construction and is established in the market due to the use of innovative materials and modern technologies, responsibility, excellent communication and responsiveness to the customer, proper documentation and execution within the assigned terms.

The company has its own warehouse and production base, technique and mechanization, which provides her with fast and efficient action on small and large construction sites in all aspects of construction.

We offer work with teams of highly qualified experts in the industry, quality and level of implementation of the projects, correctness and organization at a high level.

SOLID BUILD GROUP has qualified engineering staff and its own mechanization

The company's employees have the necessary education and professional competence, for the execution of all construction and assembly works, design and other related activities. We assist in solving a number of technological issues, in the interest and at the request of the client, subject to strict compliance with the General Terms and Conditions, MARKETING, PIPSMR and other legal norms in the construction process.

Our goals

– Ensuring customer satisfaction, subject to compliance with all regulations and laws, related to construction.
– Professional attitude and attention to every detail from the start to the completion of the project.
– Transparency in relationships and building trust with the company's customers and counterparties.
– Expanding the scope of the company's activities and enriching the portfolio.


The company is certified under international quality management system standards in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, for environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001:2015, for occupational health and safety management in accordance with ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 39001:2014 "Road traffic safety management systems. According to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, SOLID BUILD GROUP is registered in the Central Professional Register of Builders

Combining the professionalism of the staff with modern technologies and high-quality materials, we offer a final product of the highest level.

Quality Management Policy, environment and OSH

The management of Solid Build Group declares its QUALITY MANAGEMENT POLICY, THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE ENVIRONMENT, which is published in the Organization and available to interested parties.


In this section you will find the most up-to-date information and exciting news related to our extensive experience and commitment in the construction industry.