Metal constructions


Metal constructions are more and more in demand and are gaining more and more popularity worldwide because of:

  • its wide application in construction – they are suitable for metal sheds, industrial buildings, warehouses, strengthening of construction sites, construction of sheds and pergolas, etc.
  • the production of metal structures is more flexible and the elements are distinguished by longer period of operation, including fire resistance and seismic resistance;
  • metal structures are lighter, which facilitates the logistics and speed of their installation (less manpower and heavy machinery operation) , and this has a positive effect on their price;
  • the production of metal structures is such, that they are little affected by atmospheric conditions and changes.

We offer you:


We have our own production base, located in. Union, Plovdiv Region, where we carry out the production of metal elements and details with our high-tech equipment, own professional construction and transport equipment, which minimizes our dependence on external factors and sources.

We have high class welding machines, modern machines for sheet and profile cutting, much of which with program management, which guarantees high quality and precision when cutting the elements. The highly efficient equipment for mechanical and anti-corrosion treatment, combined with the highly qualified and experienced team of operators and engineers guarantees quality processing of the details on time and at a competitive price.

The quality of the welds is guaranteed by our certified welding engineer (EWE) and our quality managers, which exercise the necessary control over the welding process.

After the production process is completed, the structures are transported to the construction site. Installation is carried out in accordance with all legal requirements. Each project is completed on time and with guaranteed quality.